COVID-19 Update Notices

September 12th, 2020

On September 10th, 2020 the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) formally announced Phase 1, of a 3-Phase Reopening Plan for the island.

Phase 1 will start as a soft-reopening from September to October for permanent residents, property owners, work permit-holders, and visitors looking to stay on the island for an extended period of time. Currently, only Cayman Airways and British Airways, as well as private aircraft, will be flying into Grand Cayman until November 1st.

All visitors must submit a pre-arrival application, known as Travel Time, to the CIG. Arrivals DO NOT NEED to take a COVID PCR test prior to flying. However, upon arrival, they must comply with the following safeguards:

1. Take a PCR test at the Cayman Airport
2. Self-isolate at their private residence for 14 days
3. Wear a location-monitoring bracelet during self-isolation
4. Take a second PCR test at end of 14 days
5. If that test comes back negative, they are released into the general population

CIG cautioned that Phase 2 requirements and dates will all depend on the success of Phase 1, and how well the self-isolation plan works. It will also depend on advances in the accuracy of new rapid-antigen tests that are much cheaper and faster.

Phase 2 will most likely utilize more frequent testing prior to arrival, as well as a shorter self-isolation period on the island. It is CIG’s hope that Phase 2 can begin in November, but no formal plans have been revealed. CIG and the Health Services Authority have been evaluating strategies utilized by neighboring islands that are currently open.

The Government is working diligently to ensure the island is open for Christmas and New Years and will announce details for PHASE 2 in mid-October, if not before.

July 22nd, 2020

The Cayman Islands Government has announced a phased reopening of Cayman’s borders starting on September 1st. This includes commercial flights into Owen Roberts International airport (GCM).

The Phase 1 reopening is primarily designed for Caymanians returning home, property owners and vacation travelers planning extended stays on the islands.

Under Phase 1, September arrivals planning to visit the islands must first complete an online application form with the Cayman Islands Government.

From there, the following will be required:

1. Once approved, travelers must upload a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 72 hours of departure.
2. Approval will also require each applicant to pay a health monitoring fee.
3. Upon arrival, each traveler will be fitted with a Bio-Button, a waterproof biometric monitoring device, that adheres to your chest and logs your vital signs and location.
4. Then, the travelers will be allowed to self-isolate at their private accommodation for a minimum of 5 days.
5. At the end of the 5-day period, each traveler will be tested for COVID-19. If the test comes back negative, the self-isolation period is over and you can move freely around the island. However, biometric monitoring will continue for the remainder of your stay.

Phase 2 of the island’s reopening is planned for October 1st. It is our hope that by October, the self-isolation and biometric tracking requirements will be removed.

May 6th, 2020

The Cayman Islands Government has extended the closure of the islands through August 31, 2020. All guests with reservations to travel and stay on Grand Cayman through August 2020 will be receiving a full credit of your payment towards a future stay with no penalty; in the property you originally booked for up to 18 months of your original travel dates. Check the real-time calendar of your rental property on our site for availability, then call our toll free number at 888.208.8935 to reschedule your future stay.

No credit will be issued for rebooked dates that fall in a lower season. The December 15, 2020 – January 2, 2021 Christmas/New Years weeks are blacked out.

We will update this page based on new COVID-19 information, along with when the Cayman Islands will open its airports and policies towards guests arrival dates.

If you booked through HomeAway / VRBO / Expedia, please cancel your reservation directly through their sites. If you booked through Airbnb, please cancel your reservation directly through their site, as their policy may differ from the policy. Check the real-time availability on our site, and call our toll free number to reschedule your future stay.

If you purchased travel insurance please contact your insurance provider regarding their policy coverage. If your insurance company needs documentation from to support your claim, we are happy to assist with those requests.

We will continue to provide you with important information to assist you with rescheduling your Cayman Vacation. We appreciate your patience, support and look forward to assisting to rebook your trip, so that you can enjoy a well deserved beautiful vacation in the Cayman Islands.